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Upcoming Biannual Conference 149th (2024 Autumn) 

Date: 19-20 October, 2024

Venue: Oita University (Dannoharu Campus)

Excursion of the 149th Biannual Conference Date: 21 October, 2024 Venue: Nippon Steel Kyushu Works, Manufacturing Base in Oita area Application required (deadline: 31th July)

Previoues Entries

International Sessions, 132th (2016 Spring) Biannual Conference


Session1    Liberty Tower 8F, Classroom 1085 

Thinking Framework for Comparing Social Policies of Japan and China 

Chair: Shen Jie(Japan Women’s University) 

Discussant 1: Shogo Takegawa(The University of Tokyo) 

Discussant 2: Yasuhiro Kamimura(Nagoya University)  


1.The Trend of Social Policy and Modern State Construction in China  Wang Chunguang(Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China) 

<Download from here>

2.The reemergence of social work organizations and its implications for social governance in China:the case of Guangzhou  Ngok Kinglun(Center for Chinese Public Administration Research/School of Government, Sun Yat-sen University, China)

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Session2     Liberty Tower 8F, Classroom 1085

Impact of Flexible, Unstable Work Schedules on Family Care Arrangements and Children’s Well-being 

Chair: Akira Suzuki(Hosei University) 

Discussant: Takeshi Mizunoya(Hokkai Gakuen University)  

1.Gender and the Organization of Working Time  Elaine McCrate(University of Vermont, United States of America)

<Download from here>

2.Mothers’ nonstandard work schedules and their effect on children’s well-being in Japan  Akiko Sato Oishi(Chiba University, Japan)  

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