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Upcoming Biannual Conference 143th (2022 Autumn) Biannual Conference

Date: 8-9 October, 2022

Venue: Nihon Fukushi University

Biannual Conferences History

Biannual Conferences History (No. 21- 124)

Conference No. Date Avenue Theme
21 1960.4 Tokyo Keizai University The Labour Market
22 1960.10 Ritsumeikan University History of Labour Movement
23 1961.6 Meiji University Tecknological Innovation and Labour Problems
24 1961.11 Nagasaki University The Second Unions
25 1962.5 Keio University Labour Management(労務管理) and Social Policy
26 1962.11 Nagoya University Issues of Low Wages Workers
27 1963.5 Waseda University Working Hours
28 1963.11 Kobe University Economic Growth and Wage
29 1964.7 Hokkaido University Local Economy and Labour Problems
30 1964.11 Kwansei Gakuin University International Comparison of Social Policy
31 1965.5 Hosei University On Social Security
32 1965.11 Kansai University International Comparison of the Industrial Relations
33 1966.5 Japan College of Social Work The Characteristics of Industrial Rationalization at Present Stage
34 1966.10 Osaka University of Economics 20 Years of Labour Movement in Post-war Japan
35 1967.5 Tokyo Metropolitan University Labour Economy and Social Policy
36 1967.10 Kobe University of Commerce Class Structure and Labour Problem in Contemporary Japan
37 1968.5 Meiji Gakuin University Industrial Rationalization and Industrial accidents
38 1968.10 Ehime University The Labour Shortage
39 1969.5 Waseda University Change of Living Structure and the State of Workers
40 1969.11 Nihon Fukushi University Gaps between Ideas and Realities of Social Security
41 1970.12 Sophia University The Basic Features of Social Policy in Post-war Japan
42 1971.5 Kwansei Gakuin University State of Workers and Labour Movement in the 1970s
43 1971.11 Yahata University Urban Peoblems and Soical Policies
44 1972.6 Fukushima University The Youth Workers Problems in Contemporary Society
45 1972.11 Osaka University Issues of Contemporary Industrial Relations
46 1973.6 Hokkaido University Capital Export and Labour Problem
47 1973.11 Okayama University Welfare Situations of Workers
48 1974.5 Nihon Univeristy Problems of the Elderly and Aging Society
49 1974.10 Kagoshima University Japanese Labour and Farmers in the Changing Industrial Allocation
50 1975.6 The University of Tokyo The Research Methods on Labour Problem in Japan
51 1975.10 Ritsumeikan University Labour Problems in Regions and Local Government
52 1976.5-6 Yokohama National University Japanese Economy and Employment/Unemployment
53 1976.11 Doshisha University National Agenda of Japanese Labour Movement
54 1977.5 Nagoya University Post WWII Regime and Japanese Industrial Relations
55 1977.10 Kagawa University Welfare States and Social Policy
56 1978.6 Japan Women’s University Social Policy under Stagflation
57 1978.11 Osaka City University Social Policy in Aging Society
58 1979.6 Tokyo Keizai University Unstable Employment and Social Policy: Sub-contracting Workers, Part-time Workers, Daily Workers and Migrant Worker
59 1979.12 Kochi University Coming of Decentralization Era and Labour Problems
60 1980.5-6 Meiji University The Current Stage of Industrial Relations in Japan
61 1980.11 Osaka University of Economics Contemporary Welfare Policy and Labour Problems
62 1981.5 Chuo University The Wage Problems in Contemporary Japan
63 1981.11 Hiroshima University Emargence of Integrated Social Policy Agenda and Worker’s Welfare
64 1982.5 Chuogakuin University Industrial Rationalization in Contemporary Society(現代の合理化)
65 1982.11 Kyoto University Changing of Economic Structure and Its Impact on Workers and Administration
66 1983.5 Senshu University The Administrative and Financial Reforms
67 1983.10 Shiga University Internationalizing Labour Problems and Social Policy
68 1984.5 Aoyama Gakuin University The Current Stage of Labour Movement in the Developed Countries
69 1984.9 Hirosaki University Japanese Female Workers: Protection and Equality
70 1985.5 Tohoku University The High-techknowlege and Labour Problems
71 1985.10 Saga University The Crisis of Social Policy and the People’s Living
72 1986.5 Hosei University The Characteristics of Industrial Relations in Japan
73 1986.10 Kyoto Gakuen University Changing Industrial Society and Social Policy Study
74 1987.5 Hitotsubashi University Working Hours Issues in the Cotemporary Society
75 1987.10 Ehime University Contemporary Labour Problems and the Human Resourse Development
76 1988.5 Kokugakuin University Hollowing Out” of Japanese Industries and Employment
77 1988.10 Ritsumeikan University Labour Movement in Transition
78 1989.5 Waseda University Japanese Enteprises and Foreign Workers
79 1989.10 Kwansei Gakuin University Tracing the Post-war Social Policy Transformation
80 1990.5 Musashi University Present Stage of Social Security Reform
81 1990.10 Hokkaido University Methods of Social Science and Social Policy Study
82 1991.6 Komazawa University Human Resource Management in Contemporary Japan
83 1991.11 Shimonoseki University Social Policy Studies and the Logic of Livelihood
84 1992.5 Showa Women’s University Female Labour and Social Policy in Contemporary Sciety
85 1992.10 Kansai University Work and Life in Transition
86 1993.5 Takushoku University Problems of Foreign Workers in Japan
87 1993.11 Kumamoto Junior College(熊本短期大学) Japanese Style Companies and Social Policy
88 1994.5 Saitama University The White Coller Workers in Contemporary Japan
89 1994.11 Bukkyo University The Current livelihood and the Social Seurity Reform
90 1995.5 Seijo University The Technological Choice and Society and Enterprise
91 1995.11 Kanazawa University Flexibility, Deregulation and Social Policy
92 1996.5 Nihon Univeristy, School of Commerce Social Securities in the 21st Century: Outlook upon the Half-century Practices and Experiences
93 1996.10 Shizuoka University Contemporary Issues on Compensation
94 1997.5 Chiba University Work and Life in Asian Countries
95 1997.11 Doshisha University The Centennial Anniversary of the SSSP: Its Achievements and Perspectives
96 1998.6 Nihon University, School of Economics Casual Workers and Homelesses in Japan
97 1998.10 Gifu Economics University Social Policies in Aging Society
98 1999.5 Keio University States and municipalities in Social Policies
99 1999.10 Kagoshima University Transformation of Social Structure and Labour Problems
100 2000.5 Meiji University Self-choice and Cooperation: Review the Labour and Welfare in the 20th Century
101 2000.10 Ritsumeikan University Perspectives of Welfare State
102 2001.5 Chuo University Social Change and Economic Disparity
103 2001.10 Tohoku Gakuin University, Tohoku University Globalization and the Challenges for Social Policy
104 2002.5 Japan Women’s University Transformation of Industrial Relations: Diversifying Employment and Changing Working Hour Management
105 2002.10 Chukyo University Unemployment in Contemporary Japan
106 2003 .5 Hitotsubashi University Designing a New Social Policy
107 2003.10 Shimonoseki City University Wage Problems in the Social Policy Studies
108 2004.5 Hosei University The Youth: Prolonged Transition Period and Social Policy
109 2004.10 Osaka City University Low Fertility Societies, Family and Social Life
110 2005.5 Senshu University Structural Changes of Working Life Style and Social Policy
111 2005.10 Hokkaido University Welfare and Workfare in Social Policy
112 2006.6 Rikkyo University The Future of Inequalising or Stratifying Society
113 2006.10 Oita University Economic Development and Social Policy in East Asia: Differences and Similarities
114 2007.5 The University of Tokyo Social Policy for Childcare: Functions and Dysfunctions
115 2007.10 Ryukoku University Political Economy of Social Security Reform
116 2008.5 Kokugakuin University Channing Japanese Employment- Labor Policies
117 2008.10 Iwate University The Working Poor: Work, Life and Movement
118 2009.5 Nihon University The Change of Welfare Society and Trade Union
119 2009.10 Kinjo Gakuin University The Minimum Wage and Social Assistance
120 2010.6 Waseda University The Life Infrastructure in Local Communities and Social Policy
121 2010.10 Ehime University Evaluation of Social Policy in Contemporary Japan and Choice for Future
122 2011.5 Meiji Gakuin University Changing Education and Career Development
123 2011.10 Kyoto University Social Policy for Health
124 2012.5 Komazawa University Earthquake, Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster and Local Sciety / Earthquake, Disaster and Social Policy